Welcome, Bienvenue, Croeso, Byenvini, Weizo!!

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My name is Abbey Lelina and welcome to my humble blog!
Here’s a couple things about me: I am Senior at the University of West Florida, studying Public Relations with a minor in Marketing and Management.
I am addicted to traveling, pitching my hammock wherever I may be and rising to the occasion whenever needed.

I have started this blog for my Public Relations Issues and Trends class. Since every good blog has a concentration on something near and dear to the creator, I decided to incorporate what I have learned in my travels to the PR topics I am learning in class.

With the rise in globalization, every international company needs to know how to communicate to each culture because each culture holds a different perspective. Global PR is the answer to bridging cultural gaps because these practitioners know how to formulate precise messages for each audience. Their extensive cultural understanding and the use Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions Theory helps them construct and most importantly, predict how each audience will perceive their message.

You never really know how unique your own culture is, until you step out and live someone else’s. I’m excited to share my thoughts and observations with you in my next posts.
See you then!

Abbey G Lelina


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